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out for space is a team of interdisciplinary professionals who combine research and aesthetics to create a whole new way of developing and producing sustainable products. Inspired by the nature, traditional crafts and new technologies, out for space sets new standards in manufacturing sustainable materials and innovative products. Unique concepts emanate from the desire and vision to revolutionize products and materials from tropical rainforests of Asia, to Allgäu, the region out for space GmbH originates from. 



By use of a patented procedure, the rattan palm tree, which grows very fast, is transformed into an innovative wooden material – karuun. This new technology improves the natural palm tree aesthetically and technically. Hence, karuun not only presents a sustainable alternative to conventional materials, but it also contributes to preserving the rainforest. Check the kc Collection to view karuun’s first application.


Neue Werkstatt:

A workshop is a place, where durable and repairable products are manufactured with universal machines. In close collaboration with local craftsmen, fair products of high-quality are created through ecological and transparent ways of production.




out for space develops products that benefit not only consumers, but also the environment. In every steps of the production, starting from the selection of the material to the actual production; and in every stage of service delivery starting from communications up to the sales, out for space stands for transparency and quality. Just as it is important to enjoy experimenting, researching and designing, it is equally important to face the social and ecological responsibilities that come along with the act of creating. out for space is passionate about heading outdoors to (re)discover natural materials, using them to create innovative and sustainable products.


Julian Reuter

Peter Kraft

Felix Horn

Moritz Köhn

Miriam Bröckel

Felix Wurster


Based in Kißlegg/Allgäu, out for space GmbH is located at the heart of Europe, on the border between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here, the coexistence between traditional craftsmanship and advanced industries is customary. That’s why out for space is part of an excellent regional network and keeps abreast of international developments and changes to line up amongst international leaders in innovation. 


We, out for space, are always looking for great and talented people who share our passion for material and design. Whether you are interested in collaborating with us or being part of the growing out for space GmbH team, email us at: info@outforspace.com


We offer internships twice a year. Interested? Send your application to: internship@outforspace.com


First reforestation program launched!

out for space proudly presents the first karuun® farmers on the island of Kalimantan. A reforestation project in collaboration with Fairventures Worldwide!

Visit our Farmers:

Pak Peterson and Papa Situ

Allgäuer Gründerpreis 2017

out for space wins the Allgäuer Gründerpreis 2017! Thanks for voting for us!

karuun® wins interzum Award!

karuun® veneer has been decorated with the interzum Award 2017 “Best of the best” in the category “intelligent material & design” – Visit us in cologne: Stand 002 Hall 4.2 | 16. – 19. May!

Automotive industry discovered karuun®

Image: karuun® at the steering wheel of the autonomous electrice car NIO EVE! 2020 available on the American market.

kc Collection now available!

The first products made of karuun® color are now available for purchase in our online shop!

Founder Award Baden Wuerttemberg

We proudly received the third prize in the Sparkassenstiftung founder competition.

NW2 now available!

Our first product, the NW2 is now available for purchase in our online shop!

German Design Award in Gold for karuun®

We proudly received the 2016 German Design Award in Gold for our material innovation karuun®.

Production launch kc Collection

We have started the production of our kc Collection in Indonesia, the first product line made of karuun®. From mid-2016, the kc Collection will be available in our online shop.


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Julian Reuter, Peter Kraft, Felix Wurster

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